I’ll just put this here for now until I muster the creative energy to do the techies!
Anonymous asked:

Sorry to disturb you again! I can't find Phoenix, Axe, Storm Spirit etc. in it!!! Welcome and keep up the great work!!

Ooh come to think of it, I haven’t actually uploaded the most recent poster to my tumblr/portfolio with all of the latest several heroes, I’ll do that now :)

Anonymous asked:

Does the montage you made recently contains all heroes in Dota 2? Except Techies of course. Its amazing btw!

sure does! thanks!

mesm3r asked:

Heyo. I saw you on Edmund's blog for questions, and heard you were a beginning illustrator and I was wondering how it's like starting to illustrate for a living and how to ya know, NOT starve to death lol. Part time jobs, loans, etc.? I'm a small little 15 year old kid and I really want to become a full time illustrator when I'm bigger, and I understand that I may have to get a part time job, but I want to try to one day survive on just art. Thanks :D

Hey man! Unfortunately I’m not at the stage where I can make enough as a freelancer to support myself yet. At the moment I’m a designer for a start-up, mostly making animated videos which was completely out of my comfort zone to begin with but I’m actually really enjoying it!

The best advise I can give, given the way my career has started off (except for practicepracticepracticepractice), is do *not* waste your time on a degree. I studied philosophy and it’s really difficult to say whether I’d be much better off with some kind of illustration degree. I definitely wouldn’t bet tuition fees on it. It’s all about talent and a great portfolio, so if you do any kind of study I’d recommend doing it off your own back. When I get to the next stage of my career I’ll post saying how I did it ‘cause I know how valuable I’d be finding it myself, right now haha.

Also while you’re young you should definitely try opening an online store for your work or something! I didn’t make huge amounts of money but opening my etsy store while doing my degree is really what motivated me to fuck off the philosophy and go into design


getting pumped for ideas for dota merch for TI5! giff ideas & buy things pls c:


my pocket-axe tshirt is on sale at TI4 and on the WLF store :)

Fanfiction: Creators, communities and copyright

for a change, I decided to let this one journalist in particular approach me for my ~sage wisdom~ on fanart.

diegohasablog asked:

I love your style!! It's unique ^^ Keep on drawing!

Hey thanks! I really appreciate it, will do :)

nooooooooooooooova (commission)
this father’s day I drew papa and I blasting space-aliens in space together